Robert Russo has been blessed with the true meaning of life by having faith in Jesus Christ and has realized his spiritual gifts through prayer and through God’s Word and is now a book author and screenplay writer serving God. He has used his new found talent that was placed in his heart by Divine inspiration and has put it to work to further God’s Kingdom in his first released book, The Real Truth Finally Revealed and since he has followed it up with three more divinely inspired question and answer books. One which is titled, Is Roman Catholicism Based on the True Word of God (The Bible)? Another is titled, How Can I be Victorious Over My Circumstances and the Anxiety That Comes With Them? The last book that he has written is titled, How Can God Do This To Us? This book is currently being published. He has also written booklet tracts that he has been handing out.

He has also written and edited a motion picture length screenplay that is ready to be put into production, which themes that we as humans if we do not change the error of our ways and come to repentance we will never find hope and furthermore, we will face eternal ramifications. The very important and priceless information provided in his book and film must not only reach the Christian realms, but also be introduced into the secular world. Robert states that, “This information is absolutely necessary and vital for a spiritual awakening, which will bring hope, salvation and also a very healthy society.” He also states that, “This world is deeply confused concerning God’s word, His truth and His way of life and that is why throughout the world today you will find people with different types of faiths and religions.” Whatever their faith or religion the warning and the very important message delivered in his very informative and revealing material must reach all walks of life, for God does not wish that anyone perishes into eternal damnation.

Prior to his faith in Christ and turning towards God’s Will, he has appeared as an extra on the soap hit, All My Children, he has worked for Pfizer pharmaceuticals as a computer technician, he has owned his own business-Cafe Mamma Mia, and he has also played for several secular rock bands. He now uses his musical ability to write Christian rock music and has completed an album, which he has written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered. Robert keeps his focus and favor now in doing everything in the name of God.

Robert states that, “Hearing and accepting the Word of God is the most important and the greatest news that any one person can ever receive. It is the most precious valuable and a priceless gem, and it is worth much more than any earthly treasure. Accepting Christ and devoting your life to Him brings great hope and salvation, and eternal life is the biggest miracle that one can possibly receive. A soul coming to salvation is a much bigger miracle and blessing than any physical miracle and blessing because the scriptures declare that an eternity in hell awaits the person who has not been redeemed and has not received the miracle of salvation.” The author and screenplay writer also states, “I’ll do whatever God leads me to do in order to cover all of the avenues in getting His Word of grace out to the people of the world, so that they can have hope and understand the need for redemption and salvation that is only in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Robert has also received many letters in return from sending his book The Real Truth Finally Revealed out to a number of various organizations including Mrs. Laura Bush and former president George Bush, which you can find their letter of appreciation and of best wishes here.