How Can I Be Victorious Over My Circumstances?

… And the Anxiety That Comes With Them?

Do you need hope and healing?

Like never before people find themselves amidst array of circumstances that bombard them with constant stress and anxiety. Many are crying out for a sense of hope and healing.

In this easy to understand reference guide you will find help to make sense of the trials and tribulations in life and why we each go through them. Author Robert Russo takes you by the hand, and shows you how the healing power of the Word of God offers deliverance from the pain and suffering that comes as a result of unfavorable circumstances.

Get ready to be empowered! As you read this guide you will learn how to exercise your God-given authority by changing negative words into words of faith. By confidently and boldy speaking words of faith over the storms in your life, you will release God’s divine power, favor and blessings upon you, and as a result, you will make spiritual progress and gain victory over any obstacle you are facing.

An easy to understand guide to the most frequently asked question surrounding believers that are going through difficult times!

What People Are Saying

“When everything seems to be going against you, know that God is with you. This book has showed me the way to biblical healing and God’s everlasting peace and joy that I found even during my unfortunate circumstances. God’s love is perfect.”

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How Can I Be Victorious Over My Circumstances?