The Real Truth Finally Revealed

We have been lied to our whole lives that when we do hear the Real Truth we still believe the lies!

If you have ever loved the most precious riches, then I have an invaluable treasure to present you. This book takes out the religiosity and the legalistic burdensome, unnecessary and unprofitable requirements of man-made organized religion and replaces it with an intimate and personal relationship with our Creator as He wants it to be and as it was meant to be.

While the first edition of The Real Truth Revealed received accolades from many people, including President and Lady Bush, a revised edition is now available.

The Real Truth Finally RevealedAn easy to understand reference guide to the most frequently asked questions about Satan’s deceptions and the Real Truth of God!

Revised Edition

  • What is Satan’s biggest deception?
  • What is the truth about hell and why would God send us there if He is a loving God?
  • Is there anyone that I can turn to that can help me with the hope that I have lost?
  • What is our purpose in life? What is the meaning to our existence?
  • And many more most frequently asked questions!

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What People Are Saying

“Can’t put the book down. I love it. It keeps all my attention. It gives me hope.”

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The Real Truth Finally Revealed